From the President

Word from President Grass:

My advance copy of the agenda for the recent Washington Association of Accountants convention banquet says ‘Word from President Grass’.  Well, the word is: IMPLEMENTATION. 

I know this may conjure up images of Allen Ludden and Betty White on the TV game show Password but before I elaborate on the word ‘implement’, I want to thank Jerry Gintz for his leadership and mentorship these last two years, and really back beyond that to when we were both two ‘newbie’ board members in 2009.  We met at SeaTac before our flights to Spokane for our first board retreat and meeting.  Bob McKinley was President. 

A year later, Jerry stepped up to VP/President Elect.  Astrid was President.  Over the last four years, Jerry has had the board read several books. Our readings have included; Race for Relevance, Who moved my Cheese, Our iceberg is melting, The Five Most Important Questions, Road to Relevance.  I know there are more; I have a shelf full of books and more on my Kindle.  Some are from the NSA Leadership Development Program. 

Through the course of reading the books of ‘Jerry’s book of the month club’, we have discussed, debated and argued.  All of this for the good of WAA then, today and in the coming years.  Which brings us back to the word; Implementation.  As I said, the board and chapter leaders have read a number of books addressing areas of motivation, membership development, shifting demographics, generational change and differences...  Most recently, The Art of Membership: How to Attract, Retain, and Cement Member Loyalty by Sheri Jacobs was distributed as part of the leadership conference. 

What hit me a month or so ago, and has been underscored by member comments at our annual meeting and at a recent practice management conference, is that we have read, discussed, debated and argued, and have read another book and again debated and discussed.  And while we can continue to debate the issues that bring us to where we are today and what to do, and while we should continue to debate and discuss, what we really need to do more of is act.  We need to implement more of what we have learned from our readings, discussions and debates.  I see this as true not only for WAA leadership, but for me in my practice and in my community. 

My goal for WAA is that we act more.  That we implement what we have been reading and discussing to make WAA a stronger association that is more representative of our professions and better able to represent and serve accounting and tax professionals.  Together, we can achieve great things.

In closing; implementation requires people willing to take on large and small tasks.  As my grumpy dad would remind me, many hands make light work.  WAA leadership team members have many light tasks that anybody can pitch in and help with.  Just call or email. 

Thank you,

Charles Grass, President