Core Values

Protect the rights of all accountants in public practice

Provide education, tools and networking to all accounting professionals

Promote the highest standards of ethical conduct among members

Establish a respected public image of the accountant in public practice

Cultivate a spirit of professional cooperation among members

Emphasize and perpetuate the status of the public accounting profession

Mission of the Washington Association of Accounting & Tax Professionals

Washington Association of Accounting and Tax Professionals will promote and protect the rights of every member to practice accounting and taxation and will provide the resources and education necessary to maintain and improve professional competence.

The Washington Association of Accounting & Tax Professionals is an organization comprised of accountants, Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, bookkeepers and tax preparers who abide by a code of ethics.

Membership also provides an extensive network of accounting professionals, which serves as an invaluable resource for information, assistance and referral. WAATP assists the accounting professional by providing the necessary tools to meet the increasing needs of the small business community and the general public.